A guide to catching your train and your Pizza

One can never say no to pizza. Whatever the time or wherever we are. So, when my friend suggested that we order pizzas to a railway station just before we catch a train. I said “HELL YEAHHH.” We were returning from a basketball state-meet in Hyderabad and had to catch the train at 5:00pm. WeContinue reading “A guide to catching your train and your Pizza”

Dadi Ki Rasoi

Yes, you heard it right! It is not some 30-year old recreating her dadi’s recipes but a Dadi herself who has managed to score about 960 subscribers on her YouTube channel within 2 years! Usha Jhawar is a 76 year old from Faridabad who always showed an interest in cooking and more so trying toContinue reading “Dadi Ki Rasoi”

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