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A group of three and no fun?! Impossible. We thought why keep these stories to ourselves. We have the best time when we are together and an even better time when we are eating some delicious food! Bring your hot mug of coffee or a cup of tea and enjoy our food and fun stories

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The Taste of Italy

When I call myself a foodie, it is not because I can hog huge amounts of any dish ( not that I can’t ). It is primarily because I love trying out new cuisines and Italian is one that I can enjoy every single day without getting bored. So, when my dad planned to take…

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A guide to catching your train and your Pizza

One can never say no to pizza. Whatever the time or wherever we are. So, when my friend suggested that we order pizzas to a railway station just before we catch a train. I said “HELL YEAHHH.” We were returning from a basketball state-meet in Hyderabad and had to catch the train at 5:00pm. We…

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A Walk To Remember

“I’ve heard love is in the air, it must smell like pizza then!”🍕 Pizza has always been one of those foods which you can eat when you’re the happiest or at your lowest. It is the best go-to comfort food for me. I absolutely love thin crusts but the original thick crust is also something…

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A dose of Dosa

Whenever we think of Indian cuisine, one dish that definitely comes into mind is the delish Masala dosa. This mouth-watering south indian food item is something which is not only loved and enjoyed in India, but is famous in many parts of the world for its rich spicy taste. Masala Dosa is a popular homemade…

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YMCA Momos!

If you haven’t eaten Momos from YMCA despite living in Vizag, you are MISSING OUT! Providing a little funny back-story to explain why this was one of my favorite evenings last year, I’ll tell you about the time Maansi and I had last visited the momos stall before this! Mind you, just visited! This incident…

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Lunch and Games!

This was a day after Christmas last year and to be honest, it was one of the most wholesome days I have had. Maansi and Bhargev dropped in at my place, not on time but they did reach. I opened the door to two smiling faces with a bottle of Coke in hand, asking them…

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