The Midnight Wave

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cake, And that’s kind of the same thing!” The Midnight Wave was born back in May 2020 during Lockdown 1.0. Having imagined her college in Mumbai to reopen soon enough, this baking venture was initially time constricted but it has been 12 months since and her pageContinue reading “The Midnight Wave”

Adorable, Young and supremely Talented!

I tried remembering what I knew about the kitchen back when I was in Class 3. After an hour of intense efforts to recollect any memory, I could come up with three things. Filling my water bottle, finding a biscuit packet and annoying my mother for food. Hailing from the City Of Pearls, Smera isContinue reading “Adorable, Young and supremely Talented!”

Savour the story

This Mother-daughter duo’s cupcakes or chole bhature are not the only thing you should savour but also the cute story that goes behind the making of their successful home run food business. Lisha always liked cooking and trying out new cuisines, anything worthwhile was recreated at home with her typical flair, her way to showContinue reading “Savour the story”

Dadi Ki Rasoi

Yes, you heard it right! It is not some 30-year old recreating her dadi’s recipes but a Dadi herself who has managed to score about 960 subscribers on her YouTube channel within 2 years! Usha Jhawar is a 76 year old from Faridabad who always showed an interest in cooking and more so trying toContinue reading “Dadi Ki Rasoi”

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