Savour the story

This Mother-daughter duo’s cupcakes or chole bhature are not the only thing you should savour but also the cute story that goes behind the making of their successful home run food business.

Lisha always liked cooking and trying out new cuisines, anything worthwhile was recreated at home with her typical flair, her way to show love to the family.

Mokshna, on the other hand was persona non grata in the kitchen, as all the previous attempts of the culinary kind, were, in her own words, disasters. Then came the time when free from her academic concerns, Mokshna decided to make a difference and baked herself a cake! The rest is…. 😁

After a lot of thought and having heard guests relish the food made at home for years, Savour began on 31st August, 2020. Since then, from making just brownies to now a lot more, and from party orders to hampers, Savour has received an overwhelming response. When asked about how their journey has been so far, Mokshna says ,”The journey has been amazing, from doing it just for fun during the lockdown to sleepless nights with bulk orders.”

When asked about competition and the need for perfecting new skills and cuisines, Mokshna says,” Obviously, with the demand for home cooked goodies growing at such a rapid pace, there will be a continuous influx of new entrants who believe they can make a difference. Personally, I feel there’s always room for more. At Savour, we’ve always tried to be in line with the emerging trends.”

If you haven’t tasted their Truffle cupcakes and brownies, you should definitely give it a try!😍 Neither the Pandemic has stopped them nor do they plan to. They would eventually love to have an outlet of their own.

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