A dose of Dosa

Whenever we think of Indian cuisine, one dish that definitely comes into mind is the delish Masala dosa. This mouth-watering south indian food item is something which is not only loved and enjoyed in India, but is famous in many parts of the world for its rich spicy taste.

Masala Dosa is a popular homemade food item which has a thin crepe-like texture made with rice and lentils served with piping hot vegetable and lentil soup called sambar, aloo masala and a variety of chutneys made out of fresh ingredients and spices. This hearty meal is healthy, tasty and keeps you satisfied for a long time. I personally prefer my dosa with aloo masala, coconut chutney and the spicy red chili chutney.

For me, Dosa is a complete comfort food package filled with taste, nutrients and fiber. My Sunday breakfast has been masala Dosa along with tea since the longest time. I look forward to having my meal every Sunday with the same excitement. Dosa is such a versatile dish that you can combine other flavors such as Chinese and Italian with the basic essence of Dosa intact.

Who said healthy food can’t be tasty? Since masala Dosa is not very high in calories but it does satisfy the cravings, it is perfect for people who want to be on a diet but at the same time want to eat something tasty and wholesome.

Since I live in Vizag, there are a variety of dosas which are available to me round the clock. My absolute favourite masala dosa is from Daspalla which is known for its unique and authentic taste. The chutneys they offer along with the dosa is what gives it an amazing taste. Other places which I love include Ruchi Dosa- a food truck which is famous for providing different types of dosas. They serve a variety of Dosas such as maggi dosa, pizza dosa, pasta dosa and a lot more. My favourite is their famous “Jini Dosa” which is a mix of vegetables in tomato sauce and spices, covered in cheese. The next on my list is Dolphin Hotel which is famous for its soft, melting idlis and flavourful dosas. If you want to enjoy your meal and at the same time have an amazing ambience, this is the place you should go to. These are some of the places you should definitely give a try if you are in Vizag!

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