Dadi Ki Rasoi

Yes, you heard it right! It is not some 30-year old recreating her dadi’s recipes but a Dadi herself who has managed to score about 960 subscribers on her YouTube channel within 2 years!

Usha Jhawar is a 76 year old from Faridabad who always showed an interest in cooking and more so trying to cook something new. A nudge from her younger grandson was all she needed to post her first video on the 10th of March, 2019. Since then, there has been no stopping her, she gears up in every 10-15 days with two recipes in mind and with the help of someone with the camera, she cooks something new.

58,217 views since her first video, her YouTube channel is an adorable showcase of her consistency and the passion to make something different and new.

Keeping with the times and a feeling that youngsters nowadays only prefer eating junk food, her recipe choices are health-conscious ranging from Oat Cutlet to Protein Salad. When asked about how she feels regarding the response she has received, her reply really brought a smile on my face. One could hear the happiness in her voice as she says “अच्छा लगता है” (It feels good). She says if it wasn’t for this, who would have known her?

मेरे दुनिया से जाने के बाद भी लोग मेरे को देखेंगे |

And Now, people will watch her videos for years to come. This spirit drives her to continue growing her channel with an aim to come up with better ideas each time. She is even willing to learn and improve her culinary knowledge in the years to come.

Go check out her youtube channel –

Her most famous video

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